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Welcome to employment resources for international students! In partnership with the Center for Career Discovery and Development, the Communication Center, the Student Alumni Association and the Advanced Technology Development Center, the Office of International Education presents the International Student Professional Development Series. The purpose of this series is to help international students of all majors and degree levels develop the professional skills required in today's job market, explore the employment opportunities available to international students while a Georgia Tech student and after graduation, determine how international students can take advantage of F-1/J-1 employment benefits and learn about other employment-based visa categories.  

Note: This page will be updated as more details become available. Therefore, check back regularly for more information.

Career Search Tips and Resources

If you are interested in exploring career opporunities in the U.S. these tips and resources will help you get started!

Tip #1 Explore Your Networks

  • During your studies, get to know your professors, fellow students, and recent graduates from your academic program. Let them know you are beginning your career search and would love for them to keep you in mind when they learn of opportunities. Share your resume and encourage them to offer feedback if they have any tips.
  • Conduct informational interviews to help you meet new people in your career field and understand more about their careers and any tips of trade.
  • Join Georgia Tech's Mentor Jackets program to connect and learn from GT Alumni. 

Tip #2 Polish Your Resume

  • U.S. resumes differ in content from resumes in many countries. You might be surprised to know that a U.S. resume should not include age, gender, marital status, race/ethnicity, immigration status, religion, or test scores. U.S. resumes also don't typically include a permanent foreign address or a photo.
  • You can utilize the GT Career Center's resource on resumes to learn more about how to build and revise your resume. 
  • GT's Career Center often offers resume reviews in advance of career fairs and can offer important feedback on your resume. 
  • Review sample resumes here. 
  • Review common job descriptions for positions of interest and determine which skills and abilities are often valued in these roles. Consider which skills and abilities you may want to further develop to round out your resume. 

Tip #3 Practice Interviewing

  • You can find common interview questions by profession with a quick google search. Give some thought to your answers to these questions and write them out as short bullets. Practice combining these answers with some examples from your student or prior internship or career experiences. 
  • Participate in a mock interview. You can schedule a mock interview through GT's Career Center or with a group of friends or other network contacts in your career field. 
  • Be sure to utilize these interview tips in your practice and real interviews.

Tip #4 Job Posting Sites

  • Learn about which sites people in your field utilize to search for career opportunities from your network contacts or the GT Career Center's list
  • You can often create a custom search on these sites to alert you to new opportunities meeting your desired criteria. 

And while you are working towards landing the perfect opportunity remember to keep your CV, interview notes, and other application materials neatly organized to allow you to continue to enhance and adapt these materials. 

Tip #5 Understand Your Immigration Options, Responsibilities, & Rights


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