Regulations Overview

BridgeUSA Program Overview:

The BridgeUSA Program, formerly known as the Exchange Visitor Program, was developed to implement the Mutual Educational and Cultural Exchange Act (Fulbright-Hayes Act) of 1961. The overall purpose of that Act is to increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries by means of educational and cultural exchanges. While visiting Georgia Tech Exchange Visitors are required to maintain active participation in their program objectives and comply with the regulations of the BridgeUSA program which are outlined below:

Maintenance of Status

  • Participate in the BridgeUSA Orientation in your first month of your program
  • Complete OIE check-in process immediately after arriving to the U.S. and within 15 days of your program start date
  • Report any changes of funding source or amount to your host department and OIE
  • Keep your hosting department, host supervisor, and OIE updated on any changes to program start date or program end date
  • Keep a valid, unexpired DS-2019 and passport (passport must be valid at least 6 months into the future).
  • Remain engaged in program objectives 
  • Maintain continuous personal and/or family health insurance meeting U.S. Department of State minimum coverage requirements for the duration of your program
  • Update your physical address (SEVIS Inside and SEVIS Outside Address) in the iStart portal within 10 days of any changes
  • Engage in program activities at the site of activity listed on the DS-2019 only
  • Report any plans to travel internationally via the iStart portal and request a valid travel signature on your DS-2019 before leaving and re-entering the U.S.
  • Complete an Income Tax Return as per IRS regulation by April 15th of every year Visit OIE's tax website for more information.
  • Notify ISSS of any change to or addition of J-2 dependents
  • Comply with all institutional policies, guidance and directives
  • Report any changes to program activities to OIE and request approval of changes from OIE before engaging in an modified program activities

Requesting J-2 Dependents

If you would like to bring your spouse and/or children (under the age of 21) to the United States, please complete the Request Dependent DS-2019 e-form in iStart. Here you will enter information about the new dependent and provide proof of funding for your dependent. 

Required Funding:
You will be required to show a minimum of $600/month for a spouse and $400/month for each child. Financial documents submitted must meet OIE's Financial Document Requirements.