Extension of your J Student Intern Program

An Exchange Visitor is eligible to apply for an extension of stay if:

  • You are working toward the objective shown on your most recent Forms DS-2019 and DS-7002.
  • You are maintaining your status as a J-1 Exchange Visitor.
  • You can demonstrate adequate funding for the period of the proposed extension ($1500/month)
  • You can demonstrate you have complied with health insurance requirements for J-1 Exchange Visitors.
  • Please note that the maximum length permitted for J-1 Student Interns is 12 months.

If you are sponsored by the Georgia Institute of Technology, then you will receive an email reminder 60 days and again 30 days prior to the expiration of your DS-2019. You should work with your sponsoring department HR administrator to discuss your interest in extending your program as they will be responsible for completing the J-1 extension request via iStart. You will need to provide your HR administrator copies of your DS-2019, passport, I-94 card, evidence of health insurance and evidence of financial support for the duration of the requested extension. If you have questions please email or call the Office of International Education to speak with a Responsible Officer or schedule an appointment.