Transfer of Your SEVIS Record to BridgeUSA Program Sponsor

Transfer of SEVIS Record

An exchange visitor may be eligible to transfer their SEVIS record from one program sponsor to another if the purpose of the transfer is to complete the program objective listed on the DS-2019 form and the BridgeUSA program category, e.g. Research Scholar, will not change. 

If you are considering a transfer of your SEVIS record to another sponsor:

  1. Secure the details of the new sponsorship and be sure all involved are aware you hold a  J-1 status in the U.S. This includes identifying the proposed start date of your J program activities with the new sponsor. 
  2. To notify the OIE of your intent to transfer, please submit the J Scholar SEVIS transfer request in iStart.
  3. Your Georgia Tech host department HR administrator will be an approver on the request to transfer the SEVIS record, so please make sure to inform them of your intentions before you submit the e-form request in iStart.
  4. There cannot be a gap in time between finishing your BridgeUSA program at Georgia Tech and starting your new J sponsorship. This means there may need to be coordination between Georgia Tech and the new sponsor to identify an appropriate SEVIS transfer date.
  5. Your transfer must be arranged in SEVIS before your current program end date. Once you are in the 30-day grace period after your program end date, a transfer will not be possible.
  6. Generally, the visiting scholars office at the new sponsor will contact OIE via email to request an electronic transfer of your SEVIS record.  Some schools use a “transfer in” form instead of using email, so ask them about their specific procedure.
  7. Once OIE receives the J Scholar SEVIS Transfer request form that has been approved by your GT host department, we will schedule the SEVIS transfer release date and email you, your current GT host department administrator, and the new sponsor visitor's office contact you provided in your request.
  8. On the given “transfer release date” the new sponsor will be able to see your SEVIS record in their system, process the DS-2019 and provide the new DS-2019 to you.  The new school will not be able to process a new DS-2019 it until the transfer release date of the SEVIS record. So, if you are traveling outside the US and need the new DS-2019 to re-enter, you should make this clear to your new sponsor.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Transfer of Sponsorship:

Q.  My J-2 spouse has a valid EAD work permit. Will the work permit continue to be valid under the new sponsorship?

A.  Yes, the work permit will be valid through the expiration date printed on the work permit OR the expiration date on the J-2 DS-2019 (end of the J program) whichever is sooner.


Q.  I have a driver's license in GA that will expire on the date my current DS-2019 expires and before I begin my new sponsorship. Can I renew my GA driver's license?

A.  No, in the state of GA, the Department of Driver's Services (DDS), will only renew a driver's license through the end of the program as listed on the form DS-2019.


Q.  My J visa stamp will be valid for another two years after I transfer my sponsorship. Can I continue to use the existing visa stamp for travel after my transfer, even though the notation lists Georgia Institute of Technology?

A.  No, the visa stamp in your passport is valid through the expiration date on the stamp only when the SEVIS ID number and the J sponsor notated on the stamp have not changed. When a J-1 transfers sponsorship or begins a new BridgeUSA program with a new SEVIS record listing a new SEVIS ID number, the prior visa stamp is no longer valid. The J-1 Exchange Visitor should apply for a new visa stamp at a US Consulate abroad the next time travel outside of the U.S. is planned.