Transfer Out of Georgia Tech

Students are considered to be a transfer student if they meeting one of the following criteria:

  1. Complete a program at one institution and begin a new program at another institution, or
  2. Transfer from one institution to another to complete the same degree program.

To request a SEVIS transfer:

  1. Obtain an acceptance letter from the new institution.
  2. Complete the Transfer Out Request e-form in iStart. In the e-form, upload a copy of the admission letter, provide the name and SEVIS school code for the new institution and include the requested transfer release date.
  3. Within 5 business days, an OIE advisor will initiate the transfer.  The record will not fully transfer until the transfer release date has passed. 
  4. Begin classes at the new institution with 5 months of the transfer.  Students who do not begin classes within 5 months must get a new "initial attendance" I-20 from the new institution.

Important reminders regarding choosing a transfer date:

  • After the transfer release date, Georgia Tech will no longer have access to the record and cannot make any changes to the record.  Any changes to the record must be made by the new institution including transferring the record to a different school. 
  • Students are only eligible to work on-campus at the institution that possesses the SEVIS records.
  • After the transfer date, students participating in post-completion OPT must stop off-campus employment and is only eligible to work at the new school.
  • The SEVIS record must be transferred to the new school within 60 days of your program end date.  After the 60 day grace period, the record is no longer eligible for transfer in SEVIS.
  • Your new course of study must start within five months of your last date of attendance at Georgia Tech or your last date of employment while on OPT