How do I complete Check-in?

Government regulations require that all F and J student visa holders complete the International Student Check-in process as a condition of maintaining status. In order to verify that you've satisfied all requirements of obtaining status after entry, we require that all documents that you upload be correct, current, and readable. When you have completed the check-in e-forms, an International Student Advisor will verify that all of your documents are correct before removing the OIE student registration hold. Please see the Course Registration and Holds page for more information on holds. If you are having problems uploading your documents to iStart, please see OIE's Troubleshooting iStart tips. 

Please find guidance below on how to complete the required International Student Check-in process. After attempting to complete the OIE check-in, if you still have questions, visit our advising page /isss_advising and an advisor will be able to support you.

  1. Go to
  2. Use your GT Username and Password (the same as for Buzzport, GT Email, etc) to log in.
  3. Find the "F/J Student Arrival and Check-In" tab on the left column
  4. Select "OIE Check-in." Complete and submit the following e-forms:
    1. Arrival Confirmation e-form
      • This e-form should be completed no later than by the start of classes
      • Once you are sure of your plans, please complete the Arrival Confirmation e-form to confirm with OIE your plans to:
        • Arrive in Atlanta to start your program at Georgia Tech by the end of Phase II registration
        • Come to Atlanta this term to attend Georgia Tech but would like support with late arrival as you are unable to get to Atlanta by the end of Phase II registration
        • Start/continue your program remotely outside the U.S. this term and would like to defer your immigration document to a future term
        • Start/continue your program at one of Georgia Tech's campuses outside the U.S. and would like to defer your immigration document to a future term
        • Not start your program this term and will defer both your admission and immigration document to a future term
        • No longer plan to come to Atlanta to attend Georgia Tech 
      • We will then follow up with you on next steps once we are sure of your plans.
    2. Immigration Regulations Acknowledgement
      • Here we outline general guidelines and policies on how student visa holders are expected to maintain their status. We ask that you review the guidance and save the email confirmation you receive to reference.
    3. Immigration Document Upload
      • This is the last step in the Check-In for those coming to the U.S. to pursue their degree. Students are required to complete this portion to confirm with OIE that they made it inside the U.S. We ask you to upload your entry document called the I-94. More information about the I-94 and how to retrieve it can be found on Study in the States website: Students issued paper I-94s by Customs and Border Protection will upload copies of the front and back of the paper I-94.  If you have any issues accessing your electronic I-94, please visit CBPs website

*Please note, Georgia Institute of Technology, including the Office of International Education, will be closed in observance of the winter break holiday and New Year’s Day. The OIE will be closed Monday December 21 - Friday December 25 and Friday January 1. More information about drop-in advising and appointments is available on the OIE website.

How Should I Update My Contact Information?

Federal regulations require all F-1 and J-1 students to provide current United States contact information to OIE after arrival and within 10 days of any changes. All students must provide their U.S. residential address, email and phone number

In order to submit this information to OIE you will enter your U.S. contact information into iStart. This e-form is a required part of the International Student Check-In process.

Correct U.S. Address Format:

Category Example
Street Number and Name 631 Cherry St.
Apartment/Suite/Room Number Suite 211
Building Name (If you have one) Savant Building
City Atlanta
State Georgia 
Zip Code 30332

The residential address you report must be a physical address, not a P.O. Box or GT mailbox. You must use the physical address where you are living, not the general Georgia Tech or OIE address as this will delay your check-in process.

A list of on-campus residence hall addresses can be found here.

U.S. Phone Number:

If you do not have a U.S. phone number when you are completing International Student Check-In, you may use a) A friend's b) Your academic department. However, this is just for International Student Check-in. As soon as you get a U.S. phone number, you are required by federal regulations to report your new number to OIE.