Housing for Exchange Students

Housing for Exchange Students

Georgia Tech and the surrounding Atlanta neighborhoods offer a wide variety of housing options to suit most preferences. Many Exchange students want a more standard US college experience and therefore choose to live on-campus. Others want prefer a bit more freedom and ease of living among Atlantans rather than students 24/7. Whichever you think is best for you, please keep the following information in mind as you prepare to study at Georgia Tech.


Exchange students must be formally admitted to Georgia Tech before you can apply to live on campus. This means completing all of the requirements (all 3 steps) of the application process. If you think you want to live on campus, please complete your application as early as possible. On-campus housing does fill up, and we want every student who wants to live on campus to have that opportunity. Georgia Tech cannot guarantee on campus housing to all applicants.

  • Undergraduate Students: With the exception of the I-House (see below), Full Academic Year exchange students who would like to live on-campus can apply for on-campus housing via housing.gatech.edu after they have been admitted. On-Campus housing is not guaranteed. Students studying for only the Fall semester are not eligible for on-campus housing (other than iHouse).
  • Graduate Students: If you are studying at GT for either the full Academic Year or the Spring semester, go to the GT Housing website and register as soon as you are admitted. Everyone who registers will have to pay a housing deposit. Fall only grad students may only live off-campus.

Please be aware that on-campus housing is not guaranteed. Some students who wish to live on-campus may find that there is no space available.


The I-House is an international-themed dorm on campus that is about 50% exchange students and 50% current GT students who have recently returned from a study abroad experience. A Think Big program, the I-House offers a very diverse experience and opportunity to learn about many different cultures. The I-House is open to undergraduate exchange students, but spaces are not guaranteed to all applicants. The application process is significantly different for the I-House than for other dorms. There are 2 steps:

1. Go to the I-House Application page and follow the appropriate link. There are 2 different links: 1 for current GT students and 1 for exchange students.. This should be done as soon as you begin your application, but no later than the deadline on the site.

After the deadline passes, I-House spaces will be assigned. Those given spaces will be directed to make an application to GT Housing. Those not given spaces will be instructed of their other options.

2. If given a space, you will go to the GT Housing website and register for housing. This is the part that you can only do after admitted to Georgia Tech.


Please click here for a few tips on finding off-campus housing.