Financial Document Requirements

OIE Financial Document Requirements


All financial documents must meet the following requirements:

  1. Show liquid assets that can be readily converted into cash if needed
  2. Show the date of issuance and be less than 6 months old at the time the I-20 or DS-2019 is issued
  3. Be written in English, or accompanied by official translation
  4. Clearly state the currency of funds

1) Financial Certification Form

In order to receive an I-20/DS-2019, all international students must download a financial certification form and submit the completed form with the necessary financial documentation of funding to the e-form in iStart. The forms that are incomplete or have insufficient funds will be denied.

Click here to download the required financial certification form.

2) Acceptable Types of Financial Documents
Bank letters/statements
  • Name of bank account holder
  • Total available balance 
  • Official letterhead and include the bank's name, address logo, and heading
  • Bank official's signature or stamp 
  • Maturity date must be before the start of the semester if applicable
Loan Letters
  • Must show student is approved or pre-approved for the loan
  • Must clearly state the total approved/pre-approved amount
Awards/ grants/scholarship/ employer sponsor Letters
  • Must clearly state what the scholarship includes, such as tuition, fees, books, and insurance. If includes a stipend, it must state the dollar amount per month or per year
Provident Fund Statement
  • Name of account holder
  • Must clearly state the amount that can be withdrawn before the start date of classes. Just showing a total available balance is not sufficient.
Employment letters or Salary statement




Thse types of funds are not considered as liquid assets.

Unliquid Investments 
Credit card statements
Real estate statements
Life insurance statements
Stock market statements
Valuation statements
Tax return documents


3) Sponsor Funds (i.e. Family/relative/friend/colleague/family friend)

If the student is not using a personal bank account in their name, sponsor verification is required. Please have your sponsor verify their sponsorship by signing under "Sponsor Verification" in the financial certification form. 


4) Dependents

If you have dependents who need a visa, you will be required to provide additional proof of funding for each dependent: $600 per month for a spouse and $400 per month for each child. 



  • New Students or Transfer StudentsIncoming students who need an I-20 form or DS-2019 form issued by Georgia Tech will receive an email from with a link to submit their Financial Certification Form and Financial Documents in order to request their I-20/DS-2019 form. More information about this process can be found on our new student page.

    • Undergrad Students: Office of Undergraduate Admissions will initiate this process on your behalf.

    • Graduate Students: Graduate Coordinators within your academic departments will initiate this process on your behalf.

  • New Scholars or Student InternsNew scholars or student interns will submit financial information to their host department, who will submit it to iStart. All communication regarding financial documents for new scholars or student interns will be done by the department. OIE can accept "Salary Statement" as proof of personal funding only for new scholars.

  • Continuing StudentsInstructions for submitting Financial Documents will be on the e-form that you submit through iStart. Be sure to read the information on the e-form to understand how to submit your financial documents.