English Language Resources

Language Institute

The Language Institute has been a part of the Georgia Tech campus since 1958. During this time, the Language Institute has helped thousands of international students get adjusted to life in the U.S. and learn to communicate more effectively in English for academic, professional, and social purposes.  As the number of international students on campus increases and Georgia Tech’s global reach expands, the Language Institute is increasing the services available for international students.  The Language Institute is located in the O’Keefe Building.  

Language Support Center

The Language Institute offers assistance to international graduate and undergraduate students through its Language Support Center. If you need assistance with a writing project or need some feedback on an academic presentation you are preparing, you can sign up for a 30-minute appointment to work with one of the instructors. They are not an editing service; however, they will help students achieve better accuracy in their writing and speaking. Visit here to sign up for an appointment.  Language Support Center hours will begin on August 27. You can sign up for an appointment starting August 20. This service is free for currently enrolled Georgia Tech Students.

The Language Support Center also offers English courses through its intensive English program.  

Friends Beyond Borders Conversation Group

Friends Beyond Borders was formed to encourage friendships and conversation between American students and international students at Georgia Tech.  Students meet weekly for small group discussions about a wide variety of topics. Some of the international students are learning English at the Language Institute and others are matriculated students. If you are interested in meeting American students or other international students at Georgia Tech, contact the Language Institute for meeting times and locations.

Refreshments provided. Everyone is welcome!

Conversation Partners Program

Join our online program for international students to connect with other Georgia Tech students for language and cultural exchange. The idea is for students to meet online and then in person. Once acquainted, the students can set up a schedule for meeting regularly. Ideally, both partners will have an equal opportunity to practice the language skills they are learning in class.  To sign up go to http://languagepartners.ning.com/