Course Registration

Georgia Tech Exchange students must take least 50% of total courses in the major they select in their application. Beyond this minimum, you are free to take any courses you want at Georgia Tech that you want, as long as:

  • Your home institution approves it, and
  • You are academically prepared for that class (i.e. you have any pre-requisites).

This means, for example, that an Electrical Engineering student is free to take an Economics course. The only exception to this are courses in a different level of study. If you are admitted to GT as an undergraduate student, you must have specific permission to take graduate level courses.

When applying to GT, we ask that you visit OSCAR, GT’s Course Catalogue and look through to find courses that you are interested in taking. Courses for your term of study may not yet be listed, but look through previous terms to get an idea (the catalogue is subject to change). We recommend that you find 8-10 courses that you’d like to take at Georgia Tech; sometimes courses fill up and you won’t necessarily get your first choice.

Course Registration
International students beginning new GT programs (including exchange students) must complete International Student Check-in prior to registration. This means, you’ll have to arrive on campus and finalize check-in before you can enroll in courses. Undergraduate students are strongly encouraged to attend FASET, as they will be able to register during their FASET day.

Please don’t worry too much about classes filling up. Most academic departments reserve spaces in their most popular classes for late in the registration process. If you want more information about a class before you arrive at GT, please email the academic department. You can look on the specific department’s website, or find an academic advisor at

We strongly encourage you to consult with academic advisors prior to arrival if you have questions about eligibility, pre-requisites or other academic matters. Please identify yourself as an incoming international exchange student (non-degree) to provide full context to the advisor that you’re speaking with.