After Completion of your BridgeUSA program

When your BridgeUSA activities are coming to a close please consider the following:

Program Activity Dates:

A J-1 Exchange Visitor is eligible to participate in the academic or research objective outlined on the immigration form DS-2019 only between the dates listed in box number 3 on the form. If the exchange visitor will complete the program prior to the expiration date on the form DS-2019, it is important to communicate this change with the HR administrator in the host academic department to ensure the program dates listed on the form and in SEVIS are amended when appropriate. The HR administrator will notify the OIE of changes to exchange program using iStart and the J scholar will receive an email from the OIE once action has been taken to amend the SEVIS record.

30 Day Grace Period:

Upon completion of the BridgeUSA activities described on the immigration form DS-2019,  all J Exchange Visitors have a 30 day grace period to conduct personal activities before departing the U.S. The 30 day grace period begins after the end date listed on the immigration form DS-2019, box number 3.

24 Month Bar Preventing Repeat Participation:

Those scholars who conducted their academic and research activities for a period longer than 6 months with a Research Scholar or Professor category are subject to the 12 & 24 month bar preventing repeat participation in the Research Scholar or Professor category.

Stay In Touch:

The Office of International Education would love to hear from you after you have returned home to share your experiences with family, friends and colleagues. Please use the J scholar Exit Survey available in iStart to share information with us about your experience.