International Student Fee

The University System of Georgia’s Board of Regents approved Georgia Tech’s international student fee change proposed by President G.P. “Bud” Peterson and Institute leadership. The approved budget includes tuition and fee changes that will go into effect starting fall semester 2019. Among them is the International Student Fee, which will increase to $100 USD per semester.

Visit the Bursar’s Office website for an updated tuition and fee schedule.

What is the purpose of the international student fee?

The fee covers the unique, increasing costs associated with certification, processing, programming, compliance, and advising requirements for international student support..

What is the cost of the international student fee?

The International Student Fee rate is published on the GT Bursar’s Office Tuition and Fees website, available at the following link:

Why does my student bill have an international student fee charge?

Degree-seeking F and J student visa holders are charged the international student fee during each semester they are enrolled with billable hours. Bilateral exchange students who are not in a degree-seeking status and are on J-1 visas attending Georgia Tech will not be charged the International Student Fee.

What if I am not an F or J student visa holder and I have been charged the international student fee?

If you are not an F or J student visa holder and your student bill shows the International Student Fee charge, please contact the Registrar for support with updating your BANNER student record information. Specifically, you will need to let them know that your visa code likely needs to be updated.

Which services are unique to international students?

Services unique to international students include but are not limited to transcript and foreign credential evaluation, international wire transfer support, international tax withholding support, tax treaty support, international student visa compliance, and international student advising support.

Is it possible to waive the international student fee?

Degree-seeking, enrolled F and J student visa holders will not be able to waive out of the mandatory international student fee charge.